Amazing Features

e-Learning Feature

Our e-learning feature can help you run classes and take learning checks online at the convenience of student and staff. You can save time used for note copying by uploading all notes online readily available to all student.

CBT Feature

Imagine engaging you students during holidays in taking test and assignment online with automatic marking system like JAMB. This would keep their memory fresh at all times. You could as well use this to run you CA and exams.


We have a great team of developers who are dedicated to giving you what you want. If you can think it, we can make it come to reality.


All teachers have their own personal gradebooks and all a teacher needs to do is to input the grades. The program does the remaining aspects of collation, additions and giving students positions based on their grades.


Finance is a delicate department in any organization so we integrated a features for managing income and expenditure through a ledger system, school fee tracking and an automatic payroll generation module to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and management of school fund..

Asset Tracking

Track all your school's assets, record and arrange them in folders for easy identification. ** Access to this is only by the school admin and this feature is only made available on request

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